At Cephas Care we always ensure that individuals receive a personalised service from the referral. We work closely with all involved, including family, friends and professionals to ensure we are providing them with the service they want. From the initial referral the manager, deputy manager, or team leader meet with the person requiring the service and others involved to ensure we are working together towards the same goals. We are then able to tailor the service to meet the specific needs. This can include support around the home, personal care, shopping, enabling service and support with daily living skills. From this initial referral we then complete personalised support plans detailing the aims of each individual, and the method they want to be supported in order to achieve their aim.

Progression and enablement plans are embedded into individuals support plans from the start of any new service. Cephas believe that, as detailed within our Statement of Purpose, we are committed to empowering people to progress within all areas of their lives, to reach their full potential.